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Huligan (Lasido OLD x Hector SWB ). 

Huligan is bred from some of the most legendary stallions in history, including youngest millionair sire, Argentinus (Argentan), who produced both jumping and dressage competitors and approved stallions, including the stallion performance test winner and Vechta price record breaking, August der Starke. On his dam line runs Olympic dressage stallions such as Hector SWB from Gauguin de Lully SWB. Both stallions competing at top level dressage and produced very good quality dressage horses which can be found all over the world. Noting their powerful hind legs, extended trot, talent for passage and kind character. 

Huligan's father, Lasido OLD, went Grand Prix in dressage by the age of 5 years old, showing wonderful suppleness and talent. 

His mother has exceptional movements, build, height and character.


Huligan has the most sweet character, very easy to handle and riden by children. He has been trained up to PSG in dressage with elements from Grand Prix such as  passage, piaffe, 2 and 1 tempis. Huligan has also been jumped up to 115cm, his suppleness and power make him a wonderful jumper, counting the distance himself and keeping an even pace. 

Huligan would be perfect for an amateur rider or child wanting to learn more dressage elements and have an enjoyable ride. He is the favorite for children in the stable and very safe. 

No health problems, no injuries, no vices and easy with the farrier. Loads and travels with ease. 


X-rays available 


Level: PSG dressage tests, piaffe, passage, jumps 115cm under saddle.


Height 160cm



  • Sold

    Breed: LWB

    Date of Birth: 2014

    Sire: Lasido OLD

    Dam Sire: Hector SWB

    Gender: Gelding

    Height: Small

    Discipline: Dressage / Jumping

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