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Our three certified stallions are available for covering 

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DoB 29.04.2010

Formidable M  KWPN

Zento x Andiamo x Ahorn

Formidable M is a KWPN certified stallion. He runs from some of the strongest lines in showjumping (Zento , Quasimodo Z , Quidam De Revel)

Zento is considered the new upcoming sire for jumping in the Netherlands, Quasimodo Z - the son of Quidam De Revel who placed 4th in the Barcelona Olympics, established himself as the most expensive living sire in showjumping with many of his offspring competing at the 2012 Olympic Games! And mother Caloma Z (from Olympian Carthaigo) who participated in the Olympics as well. The list of strong competitors goes on with Viola XI, Andiamo, Caletto II and Cor De La Bryere. Formidable M has a calm and kind attitude, easy to work with and truly a sweet sole. 

His offspring show high class in jumping, easy to handle, energetic and calm character. His daughter Flear was the only one to score a 10 for jump quality during the 3 year old testing in Latvia. His offspring show great stamina and lightness.

Formidable M would be a good sire for a heavy mare to have lighter and jumping offspring.

STUD FEE: €550

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DoB  27.03.2010

Lasido  OLD

Levantos I x Argentinus x Granulit

Lasido is an OL certified stallion. Bred from some of the most famous sires including youngest millionaire and universal stallion Argentinus - Argentan, producing both showjumping and dressage competitors and stallions. His progeny include over 20 approved stallions, including stallion performance test winner and Vechta price record breaking, August der Starke (sire of Victoria Max-Theuer's Grand Prix dressage horse, Augustin). Father of Lasido is reserved Holsteiner sire champion Levantos I, his progeny also span across dressage, showjumping and eventing. The list goes on with Liostro, Capitol I, Lady Killer XX and Cor De La Bryere. Lasido's offspring have all shown wonderful movements and great jumping techniques, making them highly universal horses.

His offspring show similar high class technique in showjumping. His son Levantin shows incredible talent for dressage and at the age of 6 already is at Prix St-George and knows passage and piaffe. His daughter Little Lady, has incredible high movements and shows similar talent. His son Huligan, is currently training for Grand Prix in dressage.  His offspring are very flexible and easy to work with. 

Lasido would be a good sire for a mare to improve flexibility, natural balance, high quality jump and strong hind legs. 

STUD FEE: €500

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DoB  06.05.2013

Hobart LWB

ABC Clerus x Akts x Fans

Hobart is a LWB certified stallion bred from a strong Hanoverian showjumping line (Abc Clerus, Cantus, Caletto I, Cor de la Bryere). His father Abc Clerus was a successful international showjumper in Germany. His progeny include certified stallions such as Calido I, Callestial and  Come On. Hobart's mother is a half thoroughbred running from the famous Gabardin XX line, giving Hobart high stamina. His movements are well balanced, high and fluid. Hobart's character is wonderfully kind and calm, easy to work with and ride.

His offspring are just as calm with wonderful long legs, neck and same fluid high movements.

Hobart is a great sire for a mare that is more hot/energetic, has sharp movements or that has shorter neck or legs. 

STUD FEE: €350

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