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Fantomas (F Formidable M KWPN x Andiamo KWPN x Ahorn KWPN ; MF Hector SWB x Gauguin De Lully SWB x Chagall SWB). Fantomas is beautifully bred from some of the greatest horses in history for both dressage and showjumping. Including the Olympic champion Gauguin De Lully in dressage and Quidam De Revel who established himself as the most expensive living sire in showjumping with many of his offspring competing at the 2012 Olympic Games. Fantomas is perfect for dressage as all three gaits are well balanced, his trot and canter are very high and throws his front hoofs forward. His character is very calm, trustworthy and never shows any problems with rugs, the farrier or lunging. He  will be a tall horse, estimated height 172cm.    Clean X-rays LEGS &BACK


  • SOLD

    Breed: LWB

    Date of Birth: 2018

    Sire: Formidable M KWPN

    Dam Sire: Hector SWB (Gauguin De Lully)

    Gender: Stallion

    Height: Large

    Discipline: Dressage / Showjumping

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